Greenlight VR Is Now At Oviatt Library

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We’re pleased to announce that after working closely with some of the top universities around the globe, including leading research institute Singularity University, we are welcoming California State University, Northridge! Starting in October, Greenlight VR will be available at CSUN’s Oviatt Library. The CSUN community will have access to select Greenlight VR research through our e-resource, inGreenlight. The e-resource includes research findings on a wide … Read More

Going Beyond Gaming: The Rise of Virtual Reality for Business

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There are numerous non-entertainment applications for virtual reality technology. Although gaming and entertainment has garnered a majority of the media attention, investors are starting to funnel capital into other industries, such as 3D visualization softwares. With over $500M to be invested in VR startups in 2015 and the overwhelming majority invested in Gaming and Entertainment technologies, the biggest investment opportunities may be in 3D … Read More

Morpheus Name Change May Improve Consumer Recall

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Sony recently unveiled a new name for their virtual reality gaming platform — Playstation VR. The question on our minds is, “How will this affect consumer adoption of the actual headsets?” In June 2015, when Touchstone Research, our co-researchers on the upcoming VR Consumer Report, asked 504 U.S. tweens & teens aged 10-17 years old about whether they had heard of … Read More

Practical Insights for Proactive Legal Readiness

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“VR is a topic of increasing interest to entrepreneurs, and it raises very unique and novel legal issues. We’re excited for our members to have the opportunity to attend a special meeting of the minds on the legal challenges facing the virtual reality industry,” says Eli A. Shalam, President of the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project. VR and AR are predicted to … Read More

Visualizing The Remarkable Growth of Virtual Reality

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We’re excited to share our 2015 digital infographic highlighting important trends for the industry. Whether you’re an investor, startup founders, corporate executive, or a virtual reality enthusiast, we think you’ll be interested by the information we’ve compiled in our July 2015 Industry Report. Given the amount of publicity virtual reality companies have received in the past few years, it’s natural … Read More