Perspective 2020: Top XR Industry Trends for 2020

Virtual and augmented reality are leading a new wave of technological disruption. See our top XR industry trends for 2020.

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2019 saw continued developments further cementing the position of augmented reality as a transformative trend for computing. Unique releases from companies like Amazon, Bose, and Snapchat have served to broaden and complicate the emerging product category known as "smartglasses" by introducing new key functions and display modalities.

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Perspective 2020: Themes Defining XR for Out of Home Entertainment in the Year Ahead

Although a number of closures came in 2019, Greenlight Insights remains optimistic about the growth of xR attractions and venues in the location-based entertainment, continuing in 2020. Greenlight Insights has identified key insights and likelihoods critical for stakeholders examining the out-of-home xR entertainment industry in the year ahead.

Perspective 2020: Themes Defining XR for Out of Home Entertainment in the Year Ahead

2020 is certain to see continued major improvements in mobile AR, and Greenlight Insights has identified key developmental milestones that will act as significant drivers for both spatial and mobile computing.


US Brands StatPack: Marketer and Consumer Trends (PPT)

This report provides a visual and interactive presentation of survey data from more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, including hundreds of VR headset owners. The various metrics covered include the following:

  • Examine demographics & usage dynamics
  • Understand the role of content, pricing and more
  • Identify what’s next for VR/AR

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