Siggraph 2018: Trends Shaping the Evolution of Immersive Entertainment for 2019 and Beyond

Alexis Macklin, Analyst Alexis Macklin, Analyst Analysis

Siggraph marks the most important conference for technical visual artists. Year after year, trends emerge that have significance for the production of media & entertainment for years to come. This year, immersion is on everyone’s radar, as VR finally starts to find its footing.  Consumer VR may be years away, but there is more than just belief in immersive entertainment. The popular reception of VR … Read More

New StarVR Devices Indicate Conviction From Acer, Starbreeze

J.C. Kuang, Analyst J.C. Kuang, Analyst Analysis, Technology

The successor to StarVR’s eponymous high-end headset was announced this week at SIGGRAPH 2018, and brings with it an unambiguous intent to enter the high-end enterprise market in earnest, positioning itself as a competitor to other hardware platforms, such as the HTC Vive Pro. The following is insight from Greenlight Insights as part of our Virtual Reality Intelligence Service, which contains … Read More

Infographic: Six Leading VR eSports Titles

Natalie Yue, Analyst Natalie Yue, Analyst Analysis, Infographics

eSports is already one of the most disruptive trends in gaming, media & entertainment, and location-based entertainment. This statistic presents six leading VR eSports titles as of August 2018, ranked by peak concurrent viewers, gameplay difficulty, and estimated game ownership. According to the estimates, Beat Saber and Onward are two top VR eSports titles. While VR eSports resembles traditional eSports, there … Read More

Closure of VR Arcades is a Sign of a Tough Competitive Environment for Entertainment Consumers

Alexis Macklin, Analyst Alexis Macklin, Analyst Analysis

Distribution of Venue Closures, Distribution of Venue Closures, July 2018

In light of lower-than-expected sales of in-home virtual reality systems, excitement for the out-of-home virtual reality market has grown precipitously. In the last 24 months, VR experiences have become commonplace in the location-based entertainment (LBE) industry from theme parks, movie theaters to family entertainment centers, such as Dave & Busters. Much like the 2014-2016 rapid creation of specialty VR/AR technology … Read More

Mixed Reality, Mixed Results: Commentary on Magic Leap One

Greenlight Insights Analysis

ANALYST COMMENT The success of the new Magic Leap One will demonstrate augmented reality’s mass appeal, says Greenlight Insights Following the news in this week that Magic Leap will begin shipping its long-anticipated augmented reality glasses to consumers at the price of $2,295, VR/AR industry observers believe Magic Leap’s success to be pivotal for determining AR’s mass adoption in the … Read More

Case Study: Amazon’s Lesson In Enteprise AR And Privacy

J.C. Kuang, Analyst J.C. Kuang, Analyst Analysis, Augmented Reality, Business Transformation

While giant OEMs and software/hardware companies scramble to research and develop the next generation of augmented reality headwear, massive advancements are being made in areas such as information display, computer vision, and processor engineering. However, hardware manufacturers have yet to contribute any meaningful solutions to one of AR’s most pressing obstacles. Increasing anxieties over personal privacy and data security, as … Read More

Why Beat Saber is Worthy of the First Truly Global VR eSports Tournament

Alexis Macklin, Analyst Alexis Macklin, Analyst Analysis, Virtual Reality

Highlights Virtual Athletics League, LIV, and SpringboardVR announced their intent to host a VR arcade tournament across 50+ VR arcades worldwide. The dates and locations of the tournament have yet to be announced. Beat Saber will go live on the SpringboardVR network the week of July 30 and priced at $.06 per minute Our analysis Even before launch, Beat Saber … Read More