A Waiting Game: The Highly Anticipated Entry of Apple in the Head-Mounted Display Market

Clifton DawsonAnalysis, Augmented Reality

The Highly Anticipated Entry of Apple in Head-Mounted Display Market

Since Apple’s introduction of ARKit on June 5, technology, entertainment, and marketing executives have become increasingly focused on the future augmented reality products will be revealed by the consumer electronics giant. With all this in mind, this article compilation of Apple’s hardware and software philosophies for the future of AR outlines some of the major considerations in bringing such a device to market. Hardware Obviously, … Read More

Why Out-Of-Home Experiences Can Kickstart VR Adoption

David BoltonAnalysis, Events

As virtual reality continues to gain traction within the entertainment space, the question of what people are willing to pay for is being asked with increased regularity. And while headsets remain the gateway drug for VR adopters, a focus on location-based experiences could be extremely beneficial. Presented as a standalone event within the recent annual Greenlight Insights Virtual Reality Strategy … Read More

VRS 2017: An Immersive Experience For All Attendees To Remember

David BoltonAnalysis, Events

An accepted adage of less is more may be perfect for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed with actual information, but when it comes to tech conferences the opposite applies. Attendees to these events want to leave with their heads full of data and armed with the insights that will make a difference in their professions. Not every conference … Read More

VRS 2017: What You Need To Know – Part 1

Glenn SandersAnalysis, Events

VRS Conference 2017 Recap

Greenlight Insights’ annual Virtual Reality Strategy Conference last week brought together 450 of the top executives from the VR, AR, and MR arena to share their insights and connect with other industry leaders. This is Part 1 of a series recapping insights from VRS 2017 that will explore the intel you need to know now and in the future, from … Read More

Mark Zuckerberg’s Dream Of One Billion People In VR Can Be A Reality

David BoltonVirtual Reality

Oculus Connect 4

Facebook may be a de facto media company rather than a mere social network, but the “tech” company’s high-profile subsidiary Oculus could be the catalyst for mass virtual reality headset adoption. And it is CEO Mark Zuckerberg who wants to set the pace. On stage at the recent OC4 conference in San Jose, Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for virtual reality experiences was easy to … Read More