Reaching VR Consumers Abroad: Internet Cafes in China

Natalie YueAnalysis, Immersive Media & Entertainment

Greenlighting China

Natalie Yue is a financial analyst with Greenlight Insights. In addition to building complex business and analytical models, Natalie covers emerging VR/AR trends developing in Asia-Pacific. 20 years ago, a billboard in central Beijing read, “How far are you from the information highway? Northward: 1.5km.” The billboard was advertising China’s first internet cafe and signaled the opening of the internet for Chinese … Read More

Snap’s New Lens Studio To Usher New Wave of AR Content

Alexis MacklinAnalysis, Augmented Reality, Immersive Media & Entertainment

Snap, a leading image messaging and multimedia platform, released its second application this week – and it has everything to do with augmented reality. The company released Lens Studio, an AR content creation app, currently available as a free download for both Mac and Windows computers. Lens Studio is similar to the internal design platform the Venice, CA-based company uses … Read More

Greenlight Insights Begins CES 2018 Coverage

Greenlight InsightsAnalysis

Greenlight Insights @ CES 2018

Learn the latest from Greenlight Insights’ analysts at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV January 8-13 and see what’s in store for VR/AR in 2018. The annual CES mega event is a global consumer electronics and technology trade show that takes place every January. With more than 3,900 technology companies exhibiting, presenting, and conducting meetings, Greenlight Insights will have analysts … Read More

Location, Location, Location: VR’s Mantra For Success

David BoltonImmersive Media & Entertainment, Virtual Reality

As location-based entertainment centers continue to ramp up their investment into virtual reality experiences, mainstream adoption is not a question of if but when. In recent months, there have been a plethora of location-based VR announcements, the majority of which can be directly traced to increased public awareness rather than just media hype. Movie theaters, theme parks, shopping malls, museums, and traditional arcade … Read More

Augmenting the Enterprise with AR Smart Glasses

Glenn SandersAnalysis, Augmented Reality, Business Transformation

Augmenting the Enterprise with AR Smart Glasses

Why AR Smart Glasses? What if you could increase worker efficiency significantly while reducing errors and improving employee safety and satisfaction?  AR Smart Glasses provide these advantages for numerous companies who have been quietly experimenting with augmented reality for the past several years. Last month, Deloitte surveyed 500 executives from mid-market companies across various industries and found that 67% are testing … Read More