Retail: A Potential Perfect Fit for Location-Based VR

Colin McMahonAnalysis, Virtual Reality

In order for location-based virtual reality experiences (LBVREs) to be successful, they need a combo of factors. The area must have high foot traffic with a population open to trying new experiences. It also helps if this foot traffic is made up of consumers with high disposable incomes. Therefore, in many cases, physical retail stores are the perfect venue to provide … Read More

Greenlight Insights Leads VR/AR Discussion at 2017 Sensors Expo

Robin SandersEvents

On June 28, Greenlight provided industry insight of VR and AR applications for sensors at the Sensors Expo & Conference. Analyst Alexis Macklin covered projection highlights from Greenlight’s most recent market reports. Delving into emerging trends like inside-out tracking, camera improvements, and new tools, the presentation provided a VR-centric perspective on not only areas where sensors are heavily relied upon … Read More

Chinese Executives Preparing for a Virtual Reality Ecosystem Surge, According to Greenlight Insights

Stevi RexAnalysis, Press Releases

Greenlighting China

Chinese VR/AR executives face technology, organization and leadership challenges as virtual reality sector progresses, according to 2017 Virtual Reality Industry Report. CEOs in China are increasing their investment in immersive technologies and enterprise applications, according to Greenlight Insights, the leading provider of virtual and augmented reality market intelligence. The 2017 Virtual Reality Industry Report, produced in part with iResearch, the … Read More

Webinar Recap: Understanding the Virtual Consumer

Greenlight InsightsEvents

Virtual Reality is a hot topic for marketing professionals. One challenge for those who seek to employ this emerging medium for business objectives is there are few thought-leaders in the industry who understand the current state of the technology, consumer attitudes and usage, and how innovative marketers are using virtual reality today. This is why Greenlight Insights held a webinar … Read More