Microsoft Windows Offers New Home For Mixed Reality

Glenn SandersAnalysis

Microsoft VR Platform

While Oculus Home and SteamVR Home offer spaces for launching into your VR experiences, you can’t really do much there.  Windows Home Space promises to be much more.  In fact, it may be where many Windows Mixed Reality users spend most of their plugged-in time in the future. Windows Home takes the 2D PC display paradigm and expands it into … Read More

7 Key Premises For Upcoming Virtual Reality Strategy Conference

Clifton DawsonAnalysis

We are putting the finishing touches on VRS 2017, the vital second edition of the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference in San Francisco on Oct. 25-26. The conference will attract hundreds of your colleagues and is being built on 7 Key Premises developed by our top-notch analyst team at Greenlight Insights: VR/AR: Grow Fast or Die. That’s the subject of my … Read More

ARKit & ARCore Are Just The Beginning: AR To Go Beyond Gaming

Alexis MacklinAnalysis, Augmented Reality

As an early breakaway hit, Pokemon Go became a phenomenon once it was released. With the releases of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, developers and brands can easily create mobile AR applications now more than ever. But will this new wave of AR application creation be sought after by consumers like Pokemon Go? Consumers Are Excited About Many Types of … Read More

ARCore: Google’s Answer to ARKit, and What it Means

Glenn SandersAnalysis, Augmented Reality


Late last month, Google unveiled their ARCore platform for creating augmented reality apps for a few of the existing Android devices. ARCore “early preview” will let developers create AR experiences that will initially run on only a few Android devices, specifically Google Pixel phones, and certain models of Samsung Galaxy S8. Without ARCore, the installed base in the foreseeable future … Read More