After A Strong CES 2020, Chinese Vendors Put Pressure on Global Virtual & Augmented Reality Manufacturers

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Nolo VR, a Chinese vendor, exhibits VR tracking and controllers at CES 2020.

More than 4,000 companies from around the world traveled to Las Vegas last week to exhibit new innovations at the world’s largest technology conference, CES. The annual conference routinely showcases some of the leading advancements in consumer electronics from smart homes to robotics to wearables. This year, virtual and augmented reality were hot topics, with Chinese vendors leading the market with … Read More

Optics Technologies for XR Head-Mounted Displays: Are We There Yet?

Optics Technologies forOptics Technologies for XR Head-Mounted Displays: Are We There Yet?

Release Date: January 14, 2020 Of the challenges currently facing augmented reality wearables, manufacturing an efficient, high-quality near-eye display is the most significant. CES hosted a number of innovative and established companies developing powerful microdisplays, waveguides, and optical engines. These products provide valuable insight into the performance, cost, and form factor of upcoming AR HMDs.

Greenlight Perspective 2020: 5 Bleeding-Edge Technologies Leading Enterprise XR Innovation

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In 2019, the market for cutting-edge immersive technology was driven significantly by adoption from business clients. High-end hardware and software from companies like Varjo and PTC offered compelling evidence for the usability and revenue-generating potential of enterprise xR deployment.  In 2020, Greenlight Insights expects to see significant disruption in enterprise xR from the following emerging technologies: Embodied Computing The intrinsic … Read More

Greenlight Perspective 2020: Virtual Reality Becomes Truly Cable-Free

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Virtual reality technology Oculus quest with hand tracking

One of the biggest advancement of 2019 was the release of the standalone Oculus Quest headset, which delivers immersive virtual reality experiences without an external, tethered PC. Having its own processor restricts the device to a lower display resolution and lower refresh rate. To solve this, the company introduced Link, a feature that gives Quest access to Rift content and … Read More