How Onshape Will Help PTC Capture The CAD Cloud

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This week, PTC, the global IoT software and services company, announced the acquisition of Onshape, a leading provider of computer-aided design (CAD) software-as-a-service solutions for $470 million. PTC’s acquisition of Onshape adds significant value to the company’s offerings, especially its flagship software products for product lifecycle management (PLM) and CAD.  The deal represents the largest disclosed acquisition in dollars by … Read More

Augmented Reality Task Guidance Solutions 2019

As part of its RealityCheck series of syndicated research, Greenlight Insights offers a first-of-its-kind analysis of established providers of augmented reality task guidance solutions for connected workers, examining core proficiencies across different use cases, in order to aid IT buyers and strategists to determine the ideal product for their particular organizational needs.

VR & AR Applications for Medical Simulations

This report analyzes more than 30 players in the medical simulations market ecosystem, and draws upon insights from in-depth interviews with the key executives at more than 10 leading solution providers and healthcare organizations using virtual and augmented reality for medical simulations.

Aero: Adobe’s Play for 3D, and The Future of AR

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Following a slew of major product updates and announcements at its annual developer conference, MAX, Adobe continues a years-long trend of subtly but aggressively expanding its offerings into the realm of 3D. Beginning with small but meaningful updates to legacy apps (like the addition of the Skybox 360 video plugin to Premiere Pro) to new products altogether (such as the … Read More

Immersive CAD Solutions 2019

This report provides a comprehensive look at current and future potential of CAD software for computer-aided design with VR / AR support. The report offers a thorough survey of immersive CAD suites, examining major platform providers and the potential impact of computer-aided design on the virtual and augmented reality market.

Adobe MAX 2019: Unleashing Creativity with Immersive Media

Release Date: November 8, 2019 Subscribers Only This product is included in: This year, new tools that support 3D and AR content creation were announced at Adobe MAX 2019, laying a foundation for further investments in immersive media for years to come.