What The Galaxy Note 10’s Scanning Feature Means For xR Adoption

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Following the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, consumers and media outlets assessed a unique feature powered by the phone’s depth-sensitive camera array: the ability to generate a seemingly photo-realistic 3D scan of a given real-world object in less than a minute.  The company touts a wide variety of applications for the new “quick scanning” feature. Standouts included … Read More

5G, Cloud, and Augmented & Virtual Reality

Join JC Kuang, Analyst at Greenlight Insights, to receive our latest forecasts of the main functions of next-gen networking within virtual and augmented reality applications for both consumers and the enterprise.

5G, Cloud, and Augmented & Virtual Reality

Special Report: 5G, Cloud, and Augmented & Virtual Reality 5G promises to be the next big step change both in telco business models and the immersive content economy. This research report offers an assessment of the current progress toward 5G and its implications on the augmented & virtual reality marketplace. Release Date: April 29, 2019 $3,500.00Add to cart The arrival … Read More

The Dead Must Die: Magic Leap and AT&T Bet on GoT for 5G

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AT&T continues to make incremental steps toward foregrounding augmented reality as a major staple of it’s network offerings, alongside its push to accelerate the commercial availability of 5G in the United States. The telecom pushed a limited consumer release of the Magic Leap One at flagship stores in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco earlier this month. Included in the marketing … Read More

Greenlight Insights Analysts Availability for Media Requests: Game Developers Conference 2019

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Game Developers Conference is the world’s largest professional game industry event, with 5 days of learning, inspiration, and networking March 18-22, 2019 in San Francisco. Meet our Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality analysts at GDC 2019 as they discuss key industry trends impacting the virtual and augmented reality industry in 2019 and beyond. Greenlight Insights experts will be following developments from the show … Read More

MWC 2019 Report Highlights xR as Transformative Technology

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As the premier event for the mobile computing and connectivity industry, MWC plays host to many of the top innovators in technology. This year’s theme of Intelligent Connectivity foregrounded key areas of innovation poised to experience disruption from initial implementations of 5G, such as Digital Trust, Industry 4.0, and virtual and augmented reality (“xR”). Greenlight Insights has identified key recurring … Read More

Magic Leap and SK Telecom Join Forces to Strengthen Spatial Computing Market

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Magic Leap Machine Learning

The following is part of our Augmented Reality Intelligence Service, which includes data, analysis, and insights about augmented reality and related technologies. Korean Telco SK Telecom has signed a partnership agreement to become the exclusive telecommunications partner of Magic Leap in Korea. The agreement includes provisions that allow the companies to deliver the Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform to SK Telecom customers.