Walmart Acquires XR Startup To Augment Retail Shopping Experience

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Walmart Acquires VR Startup To Augment Retail Shopping Experience

Nowhere is the transformation from digital to XR more obvious than in the retail, an industry that still leverages physical locations to both attract customers and sell inventory. And as tempting as it is to crown Amazon as the industry’s top innovator, most large retailers are now embracing emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality in order to remain … Read More

Magic Leap Reveals Smart Glasses, Shows Future of Spatial Computing

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Magic Leap Machine Learning

This week, Magic Leap revealed details of their long-anticipated smart glasses.  While application developers will have to wait until next year to get their hands on developer kits, it has become much more clear how Magic Leap’s new mixed reality (“MR”) smart glasses will transform key business functions through enabling a new era of spatial computing. How Magic Leap’s Smart … Read More

Augmenting the Enterprise with AR Smart Glasses

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Augmenting the Enterprise with AR Smart Glasses

Why AR Smart Glasses? What if you could increase worker efficiency significantly while reducing errors and improving employee safety and satisfaction?  AR Smart Glasses provide these advantages for numerous companies who have been quietly experimenting with augmented reality for the past several years. Last month, Deloitte surveyed 500 executives from mid-market companies across various industries and found that 67% are testing … Read More