Global Immersive Camera Industry Report, 2021

Global Immersive Camera Industry Report, 2021 This report focuses in on the most important developments in hardware and platforms, as well as our industry-leading quantitative insights and forecasting. Release Date: June 2021 View Report The Global Immersive Camera Market Report includes Greenlight Insights acclaimed analysis and forecasting on hardware, software, surveying the ongoing impact of recent trends such as remote/hybrid … Read More

Why Facebook Is Staking Its Claim on VR Advertising

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Oculus leadership announced June 16th it is testing a system for embedding advertisements directly into VR experiences on the Quest platform. The ads will run on 3 currently released titles including Resolution Games’ Blaston, and use personalized data from users’ corresponding Facebook marketing profile and general intent metrics such as previous purchases and wish lists from the Oculus store. This … Read More

How Can Facebook Bring Fortnite Into Virtual Reality?

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On June 11th Oculus and Facebook announced their latest studio acquisition; BigboxVR. Excitement around the acquisition centers mostly around Bigbox’s flagship title; Population: ONE, which is a massively multiplayer battle royale shooter for VR. Specifically, media outlets have drawn comparisons between Pop: ONE and runaway hit Fortnite, which has dominated both the gaming market and conversations around the future of … Read More

[Press Release] Greenlight Insights Forecasts Growth in Volumetric Video

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San Francisco, CA – May 10, 2021 — Among renewed interest from investors and technology companies, new research from Greenlight Insights highlights compelling long-term market potential for volumetric and depth-enabled video technology. Greenlight Insights’ research shows that the market for volumetric capture, compression, and sharing technology could reach a value in excess of 2.5 billion by 2026, and surpassing 40 … Read More

Global Virtual Reality Industry Report 2021

Virtual Reality Industry Report 2021 Critical insight at a global level with key macro and micro trends faced by companies in the virtual reality technology and related consumer industries. June 2021 $5,000.00 $4,500.00Add to cart Our most recent five-year global industry forecast and outlook on how the market is set to change. Plus: Strategic recommendations in key business segments based … Read More