Sony’s Virtual Reality Earnings – Revenues Tick Up, But Margins Trend Down

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Sony Corporation's VR Segment Revenue vs. Operating Income Quarterly Performance

Other revenues in the Sony Corporation’s Game & Network Services division that includes their Playstation VR unit increased 44% Q/Q, but fell 34% Y/Y in $US to $465M. It was the 1st quarter with revenues down Y/Y since Q3 of 2018. Operating margins in the Game & Network Services division were down for a second consecutive quarter.

The Growing Effects of the Coronavirus on the VR/AR Industry

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Chinese stores are closed due to the spread of Coronavirus.

Greenlight Insights analysts have been in constant discussion with the supply chain and vendors in China on the developments and impact of the coronavirus. Here is what we know so far. The latest toll of the coronavirus as of February 5th is as follows: Nearly 500 people have died worldwide and there are 24,600 confirmed cases. There are 147 confirmed … Read More

VR/AR Remote Collaboration & Visualization, 2020

VR/AR Remote Collaboration & Visualization

This report offers a thorough survey of top providers of remote collaboration and visualization solutions using virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as critical guidance for those digital transformation professionals navigating this important technology sector.

Penumbra Launches new REAL Immersive System for the Physical Therapy Market

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Traditional rehab services are used by millions of people annually who suffer disability from strokes and other neurological conditions. Traditionally, rehab is typically administered by physical and occupational therapists who try to help patients recover as much function as possible. This week at the American Physical Therapy Association’s annual conference for 35,000 professionals, global medical device company Penumbra, Inc., announced … Read More

Oculus Gone: The Declining Value of 3DoF Interfaces

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This week, Oculus quietly eliminated Oculus Go from its lineup of offerings on Oculus for Business, the company’s portal for unified VR hardware and software solutions for enterprise clients. The move follows an apparent liquidation of stock as consumer MSRP for the device was permanently cut by $50.  According to the company, “it’s clear that Oculus Quest, with its high-end … Read More

In 2019, XR Venture Investment Edged Off Record Highs

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In 2019, XR venture investment edged off record highs

Across the last decade, virtual and augmented reality (xR) has grown from a blip on the radar of investors to a robust sector receiving $10.4 billion in venture dollars invested since 2014. In 2019, 202 xR startups raised $1.8B. Though a new xR company entered the public markets in 2019, exits were a somewhat mixed bag, with M&A slightly above … Read More