Dave & Busters 2Q19 Results: Virtual Reality Platform Investments To Continue

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Dave & Buster's Takes Location-Based VR Nationwide

Dave & Buster’s, the parent company of Google, reported fiscal 2Q19 revenues of $345 million during the quarter, up 8% year over year and matching consensus estimates. The Dallas, Texas-based owner and operator of high-volume entertainment and dining venue continued to leverage their virtual reality platform to revitalize its existing stores and establish it as a go-to place for cutting-edge … Read More

Quest is Oculus’ Biggest Bet Yet on Social Virtual Reality

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Oculus is prepping Quest to appeal to a new, highly sought after segment of consumers embracing virtual reality for entertainment purposes. However, unlike the launches of Go, Rift, or even the Touch controllers, Oculus is launching its newest headset with its largest and most diverse lineup of titles yet. Greenlight Insights is prepping to field the 2019 VR and AR … Read More

Stadia Arcade: Will Google’s Streaming Service Change Virtual Reality and Gaming?

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Google’s first ever product keynote at GDC 2019, in San Francisco this week, hosted the announcement of its upcoming cloud-based game streaming service, Stadia. Integrated with the company’s existing cloud computing infrastructure, the service is being developed with the cooperation of major industry partners, including Epic Games and Ubisoft. This move leverages Google’s recent high profile hires from the games … Read More

xR at SXSW Interactive 2019

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SXSW Interactive 2019 just ended, and virtual and augmented reality (“xR”) were again focal points for the weeklong technology conference and music festival. This year I didn’t have an official SXSW pass – but I still got to enjoy much of the programming, insights, and trends through event, news, and the general buzz that SXSW creates. If you weren’t in … Read More

Matterport Raises Series D Funding To Expand 3D Model Database

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Immersive technology company Matterport, announced a Series D funding total of $48M on March 5th. Investment firms DCM Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, and Lux Capital led this funding round, which will enable the expansion of Matterport’s database of 3D scenes and models, and improve the accuracy of its 3D capture technology, by refining its AI engine that converts 2D images into … Read More