Location, Location, Location: VR’s Mantra For Success

David BoltonImmersive Content, Virtual Reality

As location-based entertainment centers continue to ramp up their investment into virtual reality experiences, mainstream adoption is not a question of if but when. In recent months, there have been a plethora of location-based VR announcements, the majority of which can be directly traced to increased public awareness rather than just media hype. Movie theaters, theme parks, shopping malls, museums, and traditional arcade … Read More

Why HTC’s Vive Wave Platform is a Big Deal

Alexis MacklinAnalysis, Virtual Reality

vive focus headset

During the Vive Developer Conference in Beijing, HTC announced a mobile VR open platform, Vive Wave. The company hopes to centralize the highly fragmented VR market in China with a unified platform and distribution strategy to create standards. The platform is linking major Chinese HMDs together including 360QIKU, Baofeng Mojing, Coocaa, EmdoorVR, Idealens, iQIYI, Juhaokan, Nubia, Pico, Pimax, Quanta, and Thundercomm. … Read More

Standalone Virtual Reality HMDs Expected to Grow at 42% Five-Year CAGR

Greenlight InsightsIndustry, Press Releases, Research, Virtual Reality

2017 Virtual Reality Industry Report 2017

In a new Virtual Reality Industry Report, Greenlight Insights offers 5-year market forecasts, industry analysis, and a summary of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, HTC, Valve, and Sony. SAN FRANCISCO, November 20, 2017 — According to Greenlight Insights, the Global Virtual Reality (VR) Standalone headset market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 42.0% during the forecast period. The introduction of several … Read More

Mark Zuckerberg’s Dream Of One Billion People In VR Can Be A Reality

David BoltonVirtual Reality

Oculus Connect 4

Facebook may be a de facto media company rather than a mere social network, but the “tech” company’s high-profile subsidiary Oculus could be the catalyst for mass virtual reality headset adoption. And it is CEO Mark Zuckerberg who wants to set the pace. On stage at the recent OC4 conference in San Jose, Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for virtual reality experiences was easy to … Read More