2015 European Virtual Reality Ecosystem

With access to the world’s most comprehensive database of Virtual Reality industry information, Greenlight Insights has created the first graphical compilation of operating European VR companies.
European vr
The above graphic is an easy-to-read way for identifying some of the largest and most influential virtual reality companies headquartered in Europe. The Map organizes over 150 companies from more than 20 European countries into 18 virtual reality product categories.

It must be noted that this map is not comprehensive; it is a sample, albeit a large one, of the many different kinds of companies operating today in European VR. There are many more companies, including entire categories, that were omitted simply due to the constraints of time and space. The key takeaway from our research, which will be detailed in the upcoming Virtual Reality Industry Report, is that it’s possible to build prominent European VR companies regardless of proximity to Silicon Valley — particularly as more development kits and software creation tools are becoming accessible to the wider audience of technologists. The rate at which the virtual reality industry is expanding is truly remarkable.

We would like to thank our partners for their continued collaboration on this project, especially Sami Hamid, Mark Chitty, Petr Legkov, Samantha Kingston, Krzysztof Izdebski, and Albert Millis. We’d also like to thank the dozens of people who provided feedback along the way.