Innovation in Immersive Media & Entertainment

Greenlight Insights offers research covering the audiences, channels, and technologies related to immersive media & entertainment, including gaming, cinematic, social, and branded applications.
Virtual reality and augmented reality are radically changing the way we live and how media is created and consumed. Greenlight Insights stays on the cutting edge of what drives the virtual reality and augmented reality ecosystems. Our research reveals key insights for devising innovative strategies around 360 degree video, location-based entertainment, immersive media, and more.

Companies operating within and adjacent to the immersive technologies industries need to understand the dynamics, the competition, new technologies, unique positioning, what firms to watch, potential partners and what it will take to survive and be successful in this marketplace.

Greenlight Insights keeps our clients on the cutting edge of virtual and augmented reality so they lead confidently.

Key Services
  • Forecasts

    Greenlight Insights' Market Forecast is based on a market model specific to the dynamics of the spending on Digital Content & Immersive Media including 360 degree video and identifies the key influencing factors about which assumptions are made.

  • Technology Reports

    State of the Technology Reports monitor the evolution of technology trends across thousands of global companies. We identify trends affecting key areas of industry disruption, such as Spherical Cameras, Haptic Technologies, and Rendering Engines.

Featured Research

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