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2018 Virtual Reality Consumer Study
2018 Augmented Reality Consumer Study (coming soon)


China Country Report
Korea Country Report
Japan Country Report (coming soon)
Spain Country Report (coming soon)
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Location-Based Virtual Reality Centers
XR in Enterprise Training
XR in Healthcare (coming soon)
VR Content & Online Storefronts (coming soon)
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Millennials: Virtual Reality Trendsetters for 2017 and Beyond

This study is designed to provide detailed profiles of millennials (18-34), with an eye toward identifying differences both between other segments and within the millennial segment. Greenlight Insights uses a combination of research methods to develop millennial personas, and uncovers motivators / triggers that lead to specific behaviors and specific purchase activities. To view the full prospectus, email the lead analyst


Research and analysis on Greenlight Insights’ revenue forecast specific to India. To view the full prospectus, email the lead analyst

Multi-Client Studies:

Greenlight Insights' multi-client studies deliver in-depth primary research that is focused on major industry trends and topics. Each study is led by a team of subject matter and research experts who provide findings and recommendations that can immediately be applied to your sales and marketing strategies. Multiple companies fund, influence, focus, and receive the research results, enabling them to obtain business critical information at a fraction of the cost of conducting the study on their own.


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