A newer version of this research is available: 2018 Augmented Reality Industry Report

2017 Augmented Reality Industry Report

There is significant shift in sentiment about AR technology, reflecting both continued expansion of corporate spending dedicated to AR and the recent actions of major industry players.

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What's in the Report

2017 Augmented Reality Industry Report features:

  • 5-year global AR display and content revenue forecast
  • Summary of Greenlight’s market definitions and segmentation
  • Insights on how recent events are transforming the technology landscape
  • Analysis of key market players, including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Magic Leap
  • Greenlight’s opinion on major obstacles and long-term potential opportunities

Projected financial statistics are also available as an Excel file.

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Spending on AR head-mounted displays, consumer content, enterprise applications, and related services will grow at a double-digit compound annual growth rate over the next five years. The growing integration of technology & digitalization of industrial, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and training processes, increasing corporate IT expenditure, and focus on productivity are some of the key factors driving the increasing adoption of AR technologies.
In 2017, we are seeing a shift in industry sentiment. On one hand, there is optimism due to the availability of new display platforms from Microsoft, Apple, and Google, as well as an increase in resources for consumer and enterprise application development. On the other hand, optimism is being tempered by uncertainty in the future actions of major industry players.

Nevertheless, the building blocks for augmented reality are rapidly evolving. Historical challenges, such as tracking and registration, display technology and rendering, are rapidly being solved by major companies offering software-driven solutions. Yet, at the same time, advanced building blocks leave a lot to be desired. Implementations of presentation techniques, authoring tools, and interaction devices/techniques for AR applications are just now emerging.

In contrast to VR where a large portion of industry development has shifted to the second layer, the AR ecosystem still has to tackle substantial problems on numerous base levels, which are outlined in this report. Fortunately, future advancements are expected to be derived from related areas such as virtual reality, sensor fusion, and computer processing.

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