Virtual IQTM Benchmarking

The first and only comprehensive survey of professionals in the VR and AR industries. Our Industry Monitor data provides you with deep insights into industry benchmarking Data, ecosystem priorities, challenges, investments, and B2B technology buying.

This detailed industry survey covers wide-ranging topics crucially relevant to VR/AR industry participants – including content developers, hardware manufacturers, distributors, media and entertainment providers, and investors. The survey is given to a large sample of high-quality of professionals drawn from all aspects of the VR/AR ecosystem.

Topics include:

  • Assessment of VR/AR industry growth (and challenges to growth)
  • Specific needs of respondent companies, to maximize their success over next 12 months
  • Platforms for which content and hardware are being developed
  • Business performance expectations (revenues, profitability)
  • Distribution plans
  • Product price points
  • Company metrics (including business focus, performance expectations, and financing)

    The survey has a particular emphasis on content with topics, including:

  • Type of content being developed (with further breakdown for games)
  • Content production metrics (such as project cycle time, number of titles)
  • Content sponsors (where applicable)
  • Professional backgrounds of developers
  • Intended monetization models
  • Distribution and price point plans
  • Next Wave

    The Virtual IQ survey, now in its 6th Wave since November 2015, will next be conducted in March 2018. More than 1,000 respondents participate annually.

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