Introducing The First Interactive Virtual Reality Ecosystem Map

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We created a Virtual Reality Ecosystem Map (pictured below) earlier this month in an attempt to clarify roles of the various industry sectors and companies, as well as the relationships between them. The goal of our side project was to create a resource for anyone to quickly get up to speed on the ever evolving ecosystem.

2015 VR Ecosystem Map

We shared it with our friends and solicited their input. Their enthusiasm and support for the effort told us we had created something valuable, so we decided to share it publicly at a conference we attended. Much to our surprise, we ran out of the 200 copies we made. We were amazed when people asked for extra copies, took photographs of it, and stored it for safe keeping.

Making the Ecosystem Interactive

After seeing the success of the paper vision, we decided we should make the Ecosystem Map digital, interactive, and freely available. So, after many hours and a few interactions, we’re happy to announce The 2015 Interactive Virtual Reality Ecosystem Map is live.

For the most recent version of the 2015 Virtual Reality Ecosystem Map click here:

If you’d like to tell us about your company, brief our analysts via this form:

[We’ll update the map periodically and try to accommodate new submissions.]


We’d like to thank our friends and advisors - @Jon, @Nick, @Ben, @Marty, and @Tipatat - for their feedback and continued collaboration on this project. A special thanks to @BoostVC for sponsoring the Ecosystem Map so we could afford to make it awesome.

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