HTC, Alibaba, Xiaomi and Huawei Kickstart the Chinese VR Ecosystem

Avatar Eddie Lou, Analyst, Asia-Pacific Insight Articles

Greenlighting China

After the launch of Daydream, PSVR and announcement of Windows10-based VR headsets in October, we didn’t expect more excitement for VR until 2017, but in the last few weeks, we are surprised about the developments from China. On both the hardware and content side, we can see great efforts Chinese VR companies put into bringing VR to the next level. … Read More

Google Officially Introduces Daydream: Is It Virtual Reality’s Mass-Market Savior?

Clifton Dawson, CEO Clifton Dawson, CEO Insight Articles

Google debuted Daydream View, a new VR headset for its new Pixel smartphone, priced at $79. Unlike Google’s earlier Cardboard headset, Daydream is made of a softer material, includes a wand-like motion controller, and most importantly, offers an untethered experience. While there are dozens of platforms competing for consumer, media, developer, and ecosystem attention — including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, … Read More