Table Stakes: Key Features for VR HMDs in 2019

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Over the last 6 months, announcements made by major VR firms have reaffirmed the significance of 2019 as an important year for mass adoption of VR. Enterprise stakeholders and IT professionals are noticeably more open to the implementation of VR in traditional training and design workflows. Moreover, consumer hardware has continued to improve and is set to see a major … Read More

Going Supersonic: Chirp Microsystems and Standalone Tracking in xR

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The following is part of our Virtual Reality Intelligence Service and Augmented Reality Intelligence Service, which includes forecasts, data, and key insights about the virtual and augmented reality technology market. CES 2019 was, as always, an overbearingly huge event filled with diverse offerings. Once again, the conference served as a venue for companies large and small to present a case for … Read More

Competition Intensifies As Oculus Joins The Race For LBE VR Supremacy

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HTC reigns supreme in the out-of-home entertainment market, but Oculus may soon see its growth in its share of venues with deployed virtual reality systems. According to Greenlight Insights’ LBE VR Database, which tracks over 700 global LBE VR locations, HTC Vive is used in 77% of LBE venues with virtual reality system deployments. There is a huge gap between … Read More

Iribe’s Rift 2: What Is The Future of PC-Tethered VR at Oculus?

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The departure of Brendan Iribe, former head of PCVR for Oculus, has sent ripples through the enthusiast community, amid increasing worries that PC-tethered virtual reality, including a future “Rift 2” device, is lagging behind on the company’s list of priorities. This has been further exacerbated by unconfirmed comments from sources close to Facebook and Oculus, stating that the move was … Read More

USB-C and You – How VirtualLink Will Dramatically Change The Hardware Landscape (Yet Again)

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The landscape of consumer electronics is in constant flux. In the past, Moore’s Law has all but assured a steady annual refresh of computers, phones, smart devices, and any other CPU-powered device, with new advancements like quantum computing poised to carry the landscape well beyond the eventual end of the transistor spacing race. However, comparatively rapid growth and expansion of … Read More

Dave & Buster’s Takes Location-Based VR Nationwide

Alexis Macklin, Research Manager Alexis Macklin, Research Manager Insights, Location-Based Entertainment

Dave & Buster's Takes Location-Based VR Nationwide

Dave & Buster’s announced a partnership with VRStudios and HTC for dedicated multi-player virtual reality experiences at all North American video arcade/restaurant complexes. Dave & Buster’s will deploy 500 HTC Vive systems at its 110 locations. The exclusive ride features Jurassic World VR Expedition, created by The VR Company under license from Universal. Up to four players will be able … Read More

Oculus Go: More Bandwidth for Businesses

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The recent release of Oculus’ new standalone VR HMD, named Go, marks a watershed moment for adoption of XR technology. The consensus among journalists and reviewers maintains Go is nothing to write home about in terms of graphical quality or immersion. This is mostly due to the absence of both a high-end LED-based display and 6DoF tracking. However, this conservative … Read More