Global Virtual Reality Industry to Reach $7.2 Billion in Revenues in 2017

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SAN FRANCISCO (April 11, 2017) — In its new Virtual Reality Industry Report: Spring 2017, Greenlight Insights forecasts total virtual reality revenues to reach $7.2 billion globally by the end of 2017, of which, head-mounted displays (HMDs) will account for $4.7 billion. Anticipating modest growth in the short term, Greenlight Insights expects the VR industry to grow into a major … Read More

Greenlight Insights Partners with SVVR, VRplay on Global Industry Study

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At Greenlight Insights, we strive to provide actionable and verified data to executives, as it is one of the most important ways we empower them to grow their businesses. While the U.S. market has been well studied by Greenlight Insights and other industry analysts, little is known about how international markets embrace and apply this new technology. As virtual reality … Read More

The Future of VR As An Interdisciplinary Medium

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In a series of opinion posts by Greenlight VR analysts, Jeremy Joachim shares his view of the disruptive potential of virtual reality. Jeremy is a contributor to the recently published 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report. Virtual Reality’s greatest potential will always be in its ability to amaze. As it currently exists, this amazement factor is very much tied to the capabilities of the related … Read More

Tribeca’s Virtual Arcade Highlights VR Artistry

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Tribeca Film Festival happened last month and featured over 1,400 films. This year, Tribeca joined Sundance and other major film festivals to showcase VR experiences, educating storytellers and major publishers about the power of storytelling via virtual reality and 360 video. The Tribeca Film Festival featured a “Virtual Arcade” where attendees could try 13 VR experiences. As detailed in Greenlight VR 2016 Industry Report, … Read More