Greenlight Insights Partners with SVVR, VRplay on Global Industry Study

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At Greenlight Insights, we strive to provide actionable and verified data to executives, as it is one of the most important ways we empower them to grow their businesses. While the U.S. market has been well studied by Greenlight Insights and other industry analysts, little is known about how international markets embrace and apply this new technology. As virtual reality … Read More

The Future of VR As An Interdisciplinary Medium

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In a series of opinion posts by Greenlight VR analysts, Jeremy Joachim shares his view of the disruptive potential of virtual reality. Jeremy is a contributor to the recently published 2016 Virtual Reality Industry Report. Virtual Reality’s greatest potential will always be in its ability to amaze. As it currently exists, this amazement factor is very much tied to the capabilities of the related … Read More

Greenlight VR to “Get Real” at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Friday, April 22, 2016 – Clifton Dawson, Founder of Greenlight VR, the leader in business intelligence for the global Virtual RealitiesTM economy, will give a special presentation at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Expo, held at the San Jose Convention Center on April 27-29. Clifton’s session is titled, “Forecasting Growth: What Your Excel Model Won’t … Read More

Marshall Gets Real About Industry Growth at MIT

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Today, Steve Marshall, Senior Vice President, joined faculty and students at MIT Sloan School of Management to discuss the outlook for Virtual Realities™. With the release of the 2016 Industry Report just around the corner (you can order it here), Marshall covered the Greenlight VR Point of View on the virtual reality industry, looking beyond the recent hype and surge … Read More

Jesse Schell Opens the 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit with Bold Predictions

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Video recording will soon become available for purchase from the first edition of the Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit by Greenlight VR, which took place March 15-16 in San Francisco and online. At the conference, we saw that industry leaders were in general agreement that major progress has been made among all the stakeholders in “virtual reality analytics.” Many speed … Read More

Valve and Unity Join Forces – What Will This Mean For Developers?

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John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies, says 90-95% of VR experiences are developed within the company’s Unity game engine and 47% of all developers (including outside of VR) use Unity. When Valve announced that it would be partnering with Unity to allow SteamVR to support Unity Technologies, it signaled a major step for developers focusing on the HTC Vive. Source: Unity … Read More