Market Shift: Top 360° Camera Manufacturers Re-Focus on Action Camera Market

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The following is part of our Virtual Reality Intelligence Service, which includes forecasts, data, and key insights about the virtual and augmented reality technology market. For the first time in recent years on the CES trade show floor, the buzz on the 360-degree camera market declined. Ricoh and Yi Technologies were notably absent, GoPro hid the Fusion away from its main … Read More

CES 2017 Brings Product Diversity to the VR/AR Ecosystem

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Among all the home assistants, robotics, and wearable tech, virtual and augmented reality was a highlight at the 50th Consumer Electronics Show through new product releases and announcements. The biggest consumer electronics conference prominently showcased VR and AR on the expo floor. Major manufacturers like Intel, Qualcomm, and Huawei highlighted VR in a big way with AR headset manufacturers having … Read More