“Strikingly Similar”: Magic Leap Files Suit Against nReal

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On June 17th, AR hardware powerhouse Magic Leap filed suit against Hangzhou Tairuo Technology Company (known in the United States as nReal), in order to halt what the former alleges is “[exploitation of] Magic Leap’s proprietary and confidential information to unfairly compete in the development of [AR hardware],” according to official court documents. While neither company has commented directly on … Read More

The Dead Must Die: Magic Leap and AT&T Bet on GoT for 5G

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AT&T continues to make incremental steps toward foregrounding augmented reality as a major staple of it’s network offerings, alongside its push to accelerate the commercial availability of 5G in the United States. The telecom pushed a limited consumer release of the Magic Leap One at flagship stores in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco earlier this month. Included in the marketing … Read More

Serving in the AR-my: The Evolution of Microsoft’s Hololens 2 into Integrated Visual Augmentation System

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Months after awarding its lucrative contract to Microsoft, the US Army has revealed additional details regarding some of the specifics surrounding the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS), based on the new Hololens 2 AR HMD. The new platform intends to increase soldiers’ effectiveness on both virtual and actual battlefields. Much like traditional VR, augmented reality is seeing meaningful adoption and … Read More

Magic Leap and SK Telecom Join Forces to Strengthen Spatial Computing Market

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Magic Leap Machine Learning

The following is part of our Augmented Reality Intelligence Service, which includes data, analysis, and insights about augmented reality and related technologies. Korean Telco SK Telecom has signed a partnership agreement to become the exclusive telecommunications partner of Magic Leap in Korea. The agreement includes provisions that allow the companies to deliver the Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform to SK Telecom customers.

Windows at War: Why The Army Chose Hololens To Enhance Warfighters

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A consumer deciding between a Magic Leap One or a Microsoft Hololens has a difficult and multifaceted choice to make; the two leading augmented reality HMDs currently on the market both use cutting-edge integrated hardware and software design to overlay graphics and digital assets onto physical environments. Both are highly advanced, and as a result can be prohibitively expensive for … Read More

Despite Mixed Media Reviews, Early Magic Leap One Creators Share Positive Reactions Online

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The Magic Leap One Creator Edition debuted on August 8th for $2,295. Many developers immediately took to social media to share their reactions about the long-awaited augmented reality headset. We tracked hundreds of Twitter postings about the Magic Leap One, and performed a sentiment analysis. Between August 8th and September 1st, 72% of Tweets including the hashtags #MagicLeap and #MagicLeapOne were … Read More

Smartglasses Are Here, But Are Consumers Ready?

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2018 has already marked an important year for AR head-worn displays, most notably with the Magic Leap One release. This week Apple acquired Akonia Technologies, which represents a clear step towards an eventual consumer product. AR-enabled smartglasses are increasingly being marketed to consumers, a departure from recent years of focus on the enterprise users, but are consumers ready for the future of … Read More