Apple Event: New Apps Hint Towards Future Mass AR Adoption

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Apple’s fall event is known for its announcements of the upcoming iPhones, watches, and Macs, but ARKit applications are becoming a small yet consistent¬†staple. Apple featured two new applications,¬†Galaga AR and¬†Homecourt. Directive Games’ Galaga AR putts an immersive multiplayer twist on the classic 80’s arcade game. The game is the first game to be announced in Apple’s AR Arcade Series. … Read More

Vuzix First Quarter Revenue Surpasses $1 Million Led By New Smart Glasses Sales

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Vuzix reported $1.2 million in revenue during the first quarter of 2017, surpassing the $1 million mark for the first time since selling its defense division in 2012. Vuzix designs, manufactures, and sells head mounted displays (or HMDs) in the form of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, Virtual Reality (VR) glasses, and Smart Glasses. The West Henrietta NY-based company’s Smart Glasses … Read More

What the New ODG Augmented Reality Smartglasses Means for the Enterprise

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Within the last decade, Osterhout Design Group (ODG) has seen a considerable shift from its original military market focus in 1984. Recent advancements, including its own $58 million Series A investment in 2016, have set a primed environment for ODG to expand its market to different areas within the enterprise sector. With its new R-7HL (Hazardous Location), ODG has further … Read More