Greenlight Perspective 2020: Smartglasses in the Year Ahead

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2019 saw continued developments further cementing the position of augmented reality as a transformative trend for computing. Unique releases from companies like Amazon, Bose, and Snap have served to broaden and complicate the emerging product category known as “smartglasses” by introducing new key functions and display modalities, such as stereo video capture and augmented audio. In addition, imminent releases from … Read More

CES 2020 Preview: 5G and XR Displays to Headline

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CES Main Greenlight Insights

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the annual showcase of technology innovation that will change the future of different industries. As virtual and augmented reality (“xR”) has developed into dynamic markets, the technologies’ presence at CES has become more prominent. In this article, Greenlight Insights gives their predictions of what is to come at CES 2020 taking place … Read More

Snap Spectacles 3: Why Less Is More for AR at Snapchat

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In the latest round of new smartglasses announcements for 2019, Snap Inc. announced on August 13th the release date for Snap Spectacles 3. In trend with previous versions of the camera-equipped sunglasses, Spectacles 3 works alongside the Snapchat app. The device also improves on preceding models with the addition of a second camera, which enables stereoscopic capture and the use … Read More

Instagram is Now Augmented Reality’s Biggest Retail Platform

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As part of its annual developer conference, Facebook announced a major update to its Spark AR platform at F8: Developers will now be able to create AR content for Messenger and Instagram. The little-discussed expansion would, for the first time, create an outlet to Instagram for third-party developers. With over a billion monthly active users (MAUs), Instagram does not have … Read More

The Snapchat Camera: Will Snap’s Latest Augmented Reality Features Accelerate User & Revenue Growth?

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Greenlight Insights will release a new report on the Snapchat platform with the latest on its camera and augmented-related initiatives. For more on the report, view The Snapchat Camera Research Note, or contact to gain access to this report. Snap, the camera and social media company behind ephemeral messaging service Snapchat, held its inaugural Snap Partners Summit in Los … Read More