Top Trends from 2017 And How They Will Impact 2018

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2017 Wrap Up Title

Finally passing the trough of disillusionment, virtual reality will finally hit its stride in 2018. We expect major new trends in location-based virtual reality entertainment, standalone headsets, and social content. Standalone Headsets Will Have a Major Impact on Headset Revenues   The industry saw major announcements coming from VR’s top manufacturers. VR heavy hitters HTC and Oculus both announced standalone … Read More

Oculus Adds Social VR Experience to Update

Alexis Macklin, Research Manager Alexis Macklin, Research Manager Insight Articles

Oculus has released Oculus Rooms and Oculus Parties with the newest Gear VR update of Oculus Home. The newest features are the first social integrations coming from the Oculus/Facebook team. Oculus Parties will be familiar for console gamers. The newest social feature is a platform for users to host group calls while using the headset. This is similar to Xbox … Read More

SVVR 2016 Highlights Key Industry Developments

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The Silicon Valley Virtual Reality 2016 conference and expo was held April 27-29. Featuring hundreds of speakers and demos, attendees were offered s wondering what is next for VR. Some of the most exciting developments came from exhibiting companies demonstrating new ways for people to interact in virtual reality. Companies Demonstrate How VR Will Enable New Social Interactions Many developers and content creators are … Read More

3 Expectations For Facebook’s Evolution of VR/AR

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As part of Sean Whitmore’s analysts regular responsibilities, he covered the conference and has shared his takeaways and potential implications for the future of Virtual RealitiesTM. On Tuesday, Facebook held its annual F8 developer’s conference. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared the company’s 10-year road map, including Google Glass-like aspirations along with drones, solar-powered planes and bots.  Here are my conclusions from observing … Read More