Why Nokia and Xiaomi’s Recent Patent Deal is Important for Mobile VR

Alexis MacklinAnalysis, Virtual Reality


Nokia announced the company has entered a patent licensing and purchase deal with Xiaomi. The patent and partnership deal will cover diverse topics from cellular, network equipment, IoT, VR, AR and AI. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed. Last year, Xiaomi purchased over 1,500 Microsoft patents to further push Xiaomi phones into the U.S. market. The deal brought pre-installations … Read More

Retail VR: A Potential Perfect Fit for Location-Based VR

Greenlight InsightsAnalysis, Virtual Reality

retail vr

In order for location-based virtual reality experiences (LBVREs) to be successful, they need a combo of factors. The area must have high foot traffic with a population open to trying new experiences. It also helps if this foot traffic is made up of consumers with high disposable incomes. Therefore, in many cases, physical retail stores are the perfect venue to provide … Read More