Breaking The Glass Ceiling: The Path To Immersive Displays

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Since the first cathode ray tube screens came to market in the 1930s, massive advancements have been made in display technology. Today, component providers make strides towards fully immersive displays using a variety of exciting technologies. Plasma screens, in-plane switching, and quantum dots have each made their mark in the field. While it is still relatively nascent within consumer electronics, … Read More

Webinar Recap: Understanding the Virtual Consumer

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Virtual Reality is a hot topic for marketing professionals. One challenge for those who seek to employ this emerging medium for business objectives is there are few thought-leaders in the industry who understand the current state of the technology, consumer attitudes and usage, and how innovative marketers are using virtual reality today. This is why Greenlight Insights held a webinar … Read More

Webinar Recap: Experts Align on Consumer Trends

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Despite high levels of media, investor and executive enthusiasm, consumers are still just beginning to warm up to virtual reality.   On January 15, 2016, Greenlight VR debuted its yearlong series of webinars designed to address industry trends. The 60-minute discussion titled Understanding Tomorrow’s VR Consumer: A Global Perspective brought together international analysts including Sam Clough, Strategic Insights Director at … Read More

Greenlight VR To Hold Special Virtual Reality Consumer Insights Webinar

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Greenlight VR, the only business intelligence firm for the virtual reality industry, is hosting a special webinar to accompany its recent U.S. and UK Consumer surveys. Anyone with a need for insights about consumers should attend this one-of-a-kind event, where leading consumer insights researchers dive into the data and share implications for this young, yet growing industry. Topics that will be examined include consumer awareness and purchase … Read More