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Greenlight Insights conferences are programmed and moderated by our highly respected analysts, offering deep expertise in virtual and augmented reality trends. In addition to facilitating candid conversations on stage, our analysts also provide rich context for exclusive research and market information.
Upcoming Virtual Reality Events
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The 2nd annual Virtual Reality Strategy Conference will be held October 25 - 26, 2017 in San Francisco, CA. Join hundreds of expert speakers, strategy roundtables, master classes, unparalleled opportunities for global networking, and much more.

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What Attendees Say about Greenlight Events:
“Attending VRS 2016 conference was valuable for a couple of reasons. First, the value of the content – the Greenlight team was able to bring industry experts with a broad perspective on the market which was much more valuable than the myopic perspectives I've seen at other conferences. Second, the value of the networking – the location and structure lend itself to meaningful networking opportunities. Participants entered with an openness to interact and learn from one another which I found refreshing.” Craig Dalton, CEO, DODOCase
“The best part about VRS was the networking opportunities. I was able to connect with valuable connections from around the world.”

Toby Zhang, Partner, Youku Global Media Fund
"VRS definitely hosted higher-level conversations than I had at many other VR conferences. The focus really supported a dive deeper into discussions. Exciting and inspiring!”
Ryan Damm, CEO, Visby
Previous Events
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State of Funding in the VR Industry webinar was held on January 12, 2017 online via WebEx. Join Greenlight Insights for an insightful review of VR funding for 2016 and more.

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Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 was be held on November 1 - 2, 2016 in San Francisco, CA. Join 60+ expert speakers, strategy roundtables, master classes, unparalleled networking, and much more.