Women & XR

Although startup in the augmented and virtual reality industry continue to attract record amounts of venture capital investment, female-led companies see a fraction.

Our first report on this topic is based on analysis of over 300 venture capital deals during 2017, as well as interviews with several executives across the XR sector, including entrepreneurs, investors, and industry executives, and industry professionals. This report sources from Greenlight Insights and third party data providers.
VR/AR startups have attracted nearly $2B in venture funding in 2016 and 2017.
In 2017, 7.7% of all venture funding deals for VR/AR companies had a female CEO.
XR has seen more venture funding to companies with at least one female co-founder than other tech sectors.
Since 2013, the percentage of women-led XR companies raising venture funding has steadily increased.

"While it’s encouraging that women founders in the XR space receive a higher percentage of venture funding deals compared to female founders in general, it’s still less than 8%. That means that for every 10 funded entrepreneurs in the XR industry, less than 1 of them is a woman,” says Malia Probst, founding partner at the WXR Venture Fund.

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